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The WHO and WHY of AquaDaydreams:
The name, #AquaDaydreams, comes from mine & my husband's dream of relocating to St. Augustine, FL. #BeachersLodge is an oceanfront CondoTel on Crescent Beach, about 11 miles from St. Augustine. We've got a 3rd floor unit that we rent when we go and it's absolutely perfect! My husband had never been to the ocean before this and completely fell in love with the ocean and sounds of the waves. It didn't take long during our first trip down to realize this is where we would like to be full-time. Time to say goodbye to Wisconsin winters in just a few years!

About us:
My husband & I have been together 7 years now, but it's just in the the last few years that we've realized there really is more to finances than simply & "stuff". Shortly after, we sat down and put together our long-term plans and made a budget that will let us relocate debt-free with the cash only lifestyle we both want.

It's amazing how easily you can reduce your monthly spending by simply eliminating impulse purchases, reducing your housing cost, switching utility/service providers and meal planning. Just because you're following a budget, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy "dinner & a movie" (a couple times a month for us).

Something I had never given much thought to, is how society really is driven by immediate gratification and self-entitlement.  What we want for our future is worth SO much more than getting my nails done or a new pair of heels. We've decided what is truly important to us and are working together to make it happen.

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